Blowing in the wind!

.just a beautiful picture. I can almost feel the sneeze coming. Still pretty tho.

Wishes on the wind ~ blow dandelions and watch the seeds float away. At the same time, let go of your stresses, concerns, and worries

When the wind comes,

“The major crisis of the human race is not of raising our IQs, it is one of elevating our WILL quotients. We must will ourselves to happiness, and thereby experience true health.” -Bruce Lipton

Dandelion seed heads... Make a wish! °

@A Touch of Color/Photography this is an amazing board with beautiful hints of color in a gray world

Field of wishes


Days like today make me remember how much I have to be Grateful for in my life. I will continue to give back.

love it

dandelion wishes



Flowers as clothing; beautiful.

dandelion...blow... Wish!

Japanese colors 青竹色 aotake-iro: Japanese has many words for colors. This is "Aotake-iro" and means "bluish bamboo colors".

sunrise through a dandelion!

And as we think how all He is and has, how He Himself is our very own, how He is Himself our life, we feel assured that we have but to ask, and He will be delighted to take us up into closer fellowship with Himself, and teach us to pray even as He prays.(Andrew Murray)

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who would of thought a dandelion could look so awesome