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miniature fruit trees--- mini tree-- full sized fruit! A Lemon and an Apple tree... please <3


Container Gardening: 9 Fruit Plants for Pots

Cherries are one of my favorite fruits, but they have gotten expensive. So growing my own in containers seems like a great option. The best fruit trees for pots are dwarf varieties that produce full-sized fruit. Good cherries include 'Compact Stella' and 'Maynard Mini Stem'.

Dwarf Banana Tropical Flair for Your Home Imagine plucking tasty 4-in. bananas from your very own tree! 2- to 5-ft. plant adorned with large, glossy green leaves will produce fruit within 3-5 years. Potted

Cómo hacer crecer árboles en interior: limones, naranjas, kumquat...

Japanese Maple. We have a couple of full sized Japanese Red Maples at our house…