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Was jealous that my brother had one of these...

I won't lie as a little kid this was a great nightlight...being old it's a hilarious thing to have around. In 1982 this little glo worm lit up kid's bedrooms across America. #toy #children

Aww my daughter had one of these. When my husband wld step on it on accident it wld light up.

Oh my gosh someone pinned a glow worm!!!! My glow worm was pink with stars and moons on was the light of my childhood, literally. This pin makes me so happy :)

One of the first retro toys I had to get when I had my own kids.

This is exactly what our glow-worm looked like. I had one of these growing up

Another one of my buddies from childhood! I held on to this guy for quite some time. Curious as to how he worked I unzipped him and took apart the electronic parts inside of him. He didn't work anymore after that, but once again I improvised. I put a flashlight inside of him. ;)

I loved this as a kid, it used the sun to be able to glow at night it was so cool

Glo Worms: I had a few of the little ones but the piece de resistance was the stuffed guy in the back. He was designed to light up when squeezed but mine was a bit wonky so I had to Kung-Fu death-grip him to get him to glow.

The original glo-worm. The new ones aren't even close to the awesome that was the original.

I never had one of these, but always wanted one!