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hahaha I can relate!

This is so true. Sometimes I just throw on a heavy sweatshirt.hell I just fit in with the rest of the Walmart crowd.

An under statement"?"

funny halloween tombstone sayings. Died from not forwarding that text message to 10 people.

oh gosh. yes!!!! I usually go with "crabby mcnasty" but this is way better =)

bahahaha // Well, aren't we just 2 schoops of grumpy in a bowl full of bitchy this morning!

that actually does help ahaha

So funny! Sad thing is i am one of those people who make u feel better! I dont usually care what i look like when i go to walmart!

LOL! not only is this so true, but incredibly hilarious! i seriously just busted up laughing so hard i scared little Doccers!

When I run

I feel like running. Check this out: What I feel like when I run: What I' m pretty sure I feel like running Check this out: What when run: I' m pretty sure

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Why Not Wearing Pants Is Awesome

Pants are always off within two minutes of being home. hate them. Cant i just wear yoga pants to work? I mean they are black right?