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    #bridesmaids #funny #movie #paaartaayy, #quoteannie #asshol #bridesmaids #film #humor #kristenwiig #movie #planes

  • Alana Thomas

    Bridemaids "Help me, I'm poor".

  • Monika Slack

    Kristen Wiig So Funny

  • Kelsey Carlson

    My favorite movie... Of all time. <3 #bridesmaids #funny #movie

  • Taylor Rae

    Hahaha love this movie! And Kristen Wiig! OMG how many times a day do we say help me I'm poor? Lolollolololol

  • Kristy Garcia

    "This should be open, it's civil rights. This is the 90s." Hahaha -Bridesmaids

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