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Norwegian visual artist Andreas Lie merges verdant landscapes and photographs of animals to creates subtle double exposure portraits. Snowy mountain peaks and thick forests become the shaggy fur of wolves and foxes, and even the northern lights appear through the silhouette of a polar bear. Lie is undoubtedly influenced by his surroundings in Bergen, Norway, a coastal city surrounded by seven mountains.

Nothing has summed it up as accurately as this post

Harry Potter funny


John Green Wins.

John Green.

Lemony Snicket

Bachelorette Party Games That Aren’t Lame: Fundies: We’re not sure why Fundies were ever invented, but they make for a great party game. It’s best after you’ve had a few drinks. Fundies have four leg holes. Two girls climb into each pair and race down a hallway. It’s a wonderfully immature game and fantastic for photos.


I want to be Minerva McGonagall when I grow up <---yep

31 Gangster Cross-Stitches That Would Make Your Grandmother Proud

so sweet.


I Always Wondered Where Mine Was

One of the many times Daryl made you love him. | 31 Things Only "The Walking Dead" Fans Will Understand

um...honestly? That sounds like something *I'd* do...(both the running around following the laser and doing that from ten stories up)

Harry Potter

Then there is this earth-shattering theory of the books… | 21 Times "Harry Potter" Was The Cleverest Book Series Ever

Never watched Twilight, never will; but these comments from Robert Pattinson about the movies have totally redeemed him.

In other more pressing news, Chris Pratt looks like this. And he's 35.


This: | 33 Jokes Only "Game Of Thrones" Fans Will Understand