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Yeah, too bad we can't spend the rest of our lives together in a romantic sort of way -- I'm not even sure we'll be best friends - I guess only time will tell, I do know I love you

I love when you find that perfect quote that says just how you feel but you couldn't explain it yourself...

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Inspiring Quotes When You Need Some Life Motivation

Have a challenging life than an easier one. You'll be battle tested. Therefore, anything that comes your way will be small in magnitude. Like a drop in the vast ocean. ❤️❤️☀️

So true. I'm so glad I met you Doug when I was 14. You made such an impression in my life and Im grateful we have had a second chance at happiness.

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I love you so much more than I or anyone of our friends will ever understand. And I don't know why. I just love you....a lot

so true im in tears. i don't love you i want you in my life i loved the attention the way you made me feel. but no more. i realized that you make no effort just expect ill always be here. so im done and walking away even though it hurts.

You love the one that sings the song only you can hear...and sweetheart, I hear your beautiful song..always & constantly. Thank you for your love, it is matched by my love and song for you..forever & thru all time mtc.

This quote describes our relationship perfectly, the day we met we clicked and it was the way a healthy relationship is supposed to be. This man is my rock & I know he TRULY loves me... only me, he's my bestfriend, and the love of my life!!! I don't know what I did to get this lucky!!!

When you get to know someone, all their physical characteristics start to disappear. You being to dwell in their energy, recognize the scent of their skin. You see only the essence of the person, not the shell. That’s why you can’t fall in love with beauty or looks. You can lust after it, be infatuated by it, want to own it. You can love it with your eyes and your body, but not your heart. That’s why when you really connect with a person, any physical imperfections disappear, become…

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Top 45 relationship quotes

My kind of relationship : ” I love being in the type of relationship where you’re totally comfortable around each other, and there’s no pressure to act a certain way, there’s no awkward moments, you can be weird and lazy when you’re together, make fun of each other, tickle each other and thenjust laugh it off like you’re best friends because you are...”