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    Red-breasted Goose (Branta ruficollis) The Red-breasted Goose breeds in Arctic Europe, often close to nests of large birds of prey, such as Peregrine Falcons. This helps to protect the small goose from predators such as the Arctic Fox. It winters in south eastern Europe. It is a rare vagrant to Great Britain and other western European areas, where it is sometimes found with Brent Goose flocks. the Red-breasted Goose is uplisted from a species of Least Concern to Endangered status in the 2007

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Goose family on a stroll We will see how many nests we have on the island this year. Last year was very hard on the geese.

Orange-breasted Trogon. Trogon birds are residents of tropical forests worldwide. They feed on insects and fruit, and their broad bills and weak legs reflect their diet and arboreal habits. Trogons have soft, often colourful, feathers with distinctive male and female plumage. The trogons are insectivorous, usually hunting from a perch. They nest in holes dug into trees or termite nests, laying 2–4 white or pastel-coloured eggs.

Birds (Explored) Building Nest |Bokeh photography

The Eurasian Spoonbill is a wading bird of the ibis and spoonbill family Threskiornithidae, breeding in southern Eurasia from Spain to Japan, and also in North Africa. Most birds migrate to the tropics in winter, with European breeders mainly going to Africa, but a few remaining in mild winter areas of western Europe north to the United Kingdom. The breeding bird is all white except for its dark legs, black bill with a yellow tip, and a yellow breast patch like a pelican.

Red-backed Shrike. This bird breeds in most of Europe and western Asia and winters in tropical Africa

The Smew (Mergellus albellus) is a species of duck, and is the only member of the genus Mergellus. This species breeds in the northern taiga of Europe and Asia. It needs trees for breeding. The Smew lives on fish-rich lakes and slow rivers. As a migrant it leaves its breeding areas and winters on sheltered coasts or inland lakes of the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, northern Germany and the Low Countries, with a small number reaching Great Britain.

The Red-breasted Goose (Branta ruficollis) is a brightly marked, endangered species of goose in the genus Branta from Eurasia.

The Gyrfalcon, also spelled gerfalcon—Falco rusticolus—is the largest of the falcon species. The Gyrfalcon breeds on Arctic coasts and the islands of North America, Europe, and Asia. by kANJAheiterwerden

lovely colors, I admire so much the nature, like here when it delicately gives a golden "hair" to this bird, topping more brilliant shades of colors.

a girl never tells her secrets. She keeps them tucked away under her downy feathers: quote by cee anne lei.

Lilac Breasted Roller - ©Thomas Retterath (Wild Dogger)