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  • Kimberly Borchardt

    Wooton-under-Edge freemason's lodge in Bristol England

  • susan tumblety

    Madonic knights templar

  • Nadya Faa

    Freemason Meeting room

  • Marie Longmore

    Probably the most important feature in Masonic lodges, the black and white checkerboard pattern is meant to be a visual representation of the concept of duality. Variations of this pattern do exist.

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"The Druses, who existed in mountainous compounds proximal to the Templar fortresses of Lebanon, observed a mystery religion that began as a synthesis of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.The structure and rights of the Druses, including the sect's foundational three degrees,reflected those of the Templars and betrayed a connection between the two organizations..[Their rights are] nearly identical to the observances of European Freemasonry, a later organization founded by the Knights Templar.

Secret Societies recruit very innocently and claim only having a desire to do good for their fellow human beings.Through a slow process of indoctrination and brain washing, these once innocent recruits become ardent supporters of their cause, and if continued long enough and far enough they become sworn to serve the evil one and his purposes. In freemasonry only the highest rank of 33 degree level is given this understanding. However, some in lower ranks have understanding who they really serve.

Guide To Facts and Myths Of Freemasons – Masons Secrets

Religion isn’t an essential part of who we are. The role of religion in the lives of individuals & societies depends greatly upon personal & historical experiences & developments. They are, as sociologists say, "path dependent." Different people & groups can & do head in quite different directions when it comes to religion. This suggests that "religion is not natural" — it's only "monopolized".

19th Century Masonic Triangular Medals

freemasons - Google Search Found out I have Freemasons in my family, time to join.

Freemasonry: Grand Lodge, Philadelphia #Freemasons, by nate'sgirl, via Flickr.