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Snap! I loved this thing as a child. Did I just date myself?

Tape Recorder

Oh how I loved this thing! It had a chime inside of it like the Fisher Price Happy Apple

I did a lot of cooking on this thing as a kid. I was little but I remember!

Cassette player/recorder

Women's electric razor. Now we have waxing and laser hair removal.

Fisher Price

I so loved this!

View Master

vintage early 50s Fisher Price "quacky duck and family" pull toy

fisher price

Fisher Price Parking Garage

Loved this as a kid!!!

I had him growing up

Fisher Price record player

Not the 80's but still an old favorite

@Katrina Alvarez Robinson do you remember this? I used to love this game! OMG ... I loved this game! Forgot all about it!

Record Player for Strawberry Shortcake by BrownEyedRose

Loved this :)