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Using a cheap butane stove is a great option for powerless cooking INSIDE the house. Learn more at http://foodstoragemadeeasy.net/2012/01/26/indoor-powerless-cooking-butane-stoves/

Everything Under the Sun. Rocket Stove - This lady has the easiest and yet most detail-oriented system for food storage I've found yet. She gives you her booklets for free if you email her.

living w/o electricity if we have to

How to make a #10 can stove. Use for cooking when the power is out. Make with things you already have on hand!

It's a Rocket Stove that also generates electricity! Not only is this brilliant but it takes home preparedness to a new level. BioLite HomeStove Overview - BioLite Stove

How to live without electricity...just in case, print it out and keep with emergency supplies.

Rocket stove

The "6 Block" Rocket Stove! DIY - "DUAL BURNER" Rocket Stove! (Concrete Block Rocket Stove) DIY - YouTube

72 hour kits for babies/toddlers

▶ How to make a brick rocket stove for $6.08 - YouTube

Homemade sterno for cooking or heat during an electric outage.

Converting a regular toilet to emergency toilet is easy, cheap and could bring some normality into any disaster situation.

Need to build one of these little portable stoves. very hot and nearly smoke free. Great for bug out kit.

DIY Tea Light Oven for Off-Grid Cooking (via The Busy B Homemaker) -- This looks like an awesome cheap powerless cooking option!

I am soo making this for my dutch oven this fall! Finally I now know what to do with all of those bricks I have piled up!

Dakota Fire Hole: Saves Wood, Burns HOT, Minimal Smoke & Efficient Cooking - Outdoor End

Finally! A way to understand the difference between water filtration and purification, and how it can help you in a long term emergency situation

Powerless Cooking | Food Storage Made Easy - powerless cooking class on video

Altoid Better than Sterno Stove

Fridge Without Using Electricity! Here's how it works: You take a smaller pot and put it inside a larger pot. Fill the space in between them with wet sand, and cover the top with a wet cloth. As the water evaporates from the sand, it pulls the heat out with it, cooling the inner pot. It's a natural, cheap, easy-to-make refrigerator. The invention keeps food from perishing for up to three weeks.