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Probably what my thrifted bedroom will look like when I move, honestly. Minus the Polaroid photos totalling a whopping $32

I want to reduce the browns in my house. Not all pastels either. I think pastels + browns can be cozy.

end of hallway collage. Claire Kreifels, wanna help a sista out?

A colorful throw keeps the simplicity more than a colorful duvet does, and ties more colors into the room.

use of old footlocker (I have two stacked as an end table, but love the single in the photo)

The Design Chaser: Shelter 7 | Ethereal (styled by Stephanie Somebody and photographed by Tara Pearce)

Oversized edison bulb, pendant lamp, leather chair, white walls, gallery wall

Love the idea of painting these empty frames the same color as my wall or my picture frame molding, and hanging within the molding.

Fotolijstjes met tekstjes erin of juist lege fotolijstjes en daar met whiteboardstiften op schrijven

nice layout idea for my vintage panoramic and aerial photographs