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FREE Download with 7 days of mock emergencies to test how prepared I am. This could be scary!

Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag

Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag I have one of these in my bug out bag. I also have a small sleeping bag I use with it.

Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles- FAMILY STOREHOUSE- These should be included in every emergency preparedness kit. You never know what kind of situation that you are going to be in. We include these in our Deluxe 2 person Emergency Kit for a reason.

Evacuating your home 101 - Start here

This is the best PRACTICAL preparation plan I've found should you ever need to evacuate your home. Uses a prioritized system of 13 boxes (or other containers) so you load the most important things first. Lots of "why" to prepare at the beginning of the blog, but skip to the list of boxes and you'll see fascinating and USEFUL info!

What Will You Do When the Toilet Paper Runs Out

Mom with a PREP | In an extreme post-poop hits the fan world (get it? I said poop-hits-the-fan in a blog post about toilet paper and the end of the world!), eventually, even toilet paper is going to eventually run out for some of us. What will you do?

Prepper WaterFirst - How To Prepare For Any Disaster Part 3: Water Storage & Purification (This guy has a series of videos. I'd like to watch them all.)

Ready, Set, Get Prepared! 30 Days of Preparedness

Ready, Set, Get Prepared! With the Preparedness Bloggers 30 Days of Preparedness. Day 1 is How To Organize Preparedness Information