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  • Stephanie Daugherty

    Scary stuff, but its beautiful

  • Jan Brienza

    Nebraska. Gorgeous sky. Nature is so beautiful.

  • Whitney-Dee Bawden

    Mother nature ,'you are one narly lady . Super cell thunderstorm - Nebraska

  • Joseph Post

    Famous photographer and storm chaser Ryan McGinnis captured these stunning pictures of an arcus cloud that rolled just north of Kearney, Nebraska, on August 7th. This sweet storm’s amazing appearance is the result of great storm structure and perfect lighting, with the sun going down behind the storm and illuminating the cloud with an orange glow - #storm #cloud #arcus #nebraska

  • Ed Sipes

    Super cell thunderstorm - Nebraska ~ Always wanted to witness a tornado ... In awe!! ~

  • HeatherLynn Portraits

    Super cell thunderstorm - Nebraska Beautiful picture !!

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