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Katniss Barbie, I hope she comes with Kid-Sister Rue with detachable spear in her chest

The Katniss Barbie Doll Is Now A Reality

Pinterest @: KatieClarkson09

Pinterest @: KatieClarkson09

International Barbie Collection ~~ Featuring Spain :: Spectacular Gown <3

Spain Barbie Doll celebrates the flamenco in a stunning red and black dress accented with a black veil cascading down her back and a red rose at her waist. Large necklace and earrings add to the doll’s ethnic appeal.

Hunger Games Collection - Gale $169.99 | Tonner Doll Company

Tonner Hunger Games Dolls Available for Pre-Order! J J Thoughts ladies?

Katniss casual cosplay

Katniss inspired outfit by Disneybound omw. ok Vasicek, idk if you've read the hunger games or not (if you haven't yet, you must do it asap) but i know that you like "outfits inspired by.

Barbie Collector | Barbie Collector TWILIGHT ROSALIE DOLL Pink Label Saga Vampire

Mattel Barbie Collector The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II Rosalie Doll

The Katniss Barbie Doll Is Now A Reality  [With unbounded thanks to Anastasia Tuckness!]

The Katniss Barbie Doll Is Now A Reality

'The Hunger Games':Katniss Everdeen Barbie.Yep I would get the kick ass Katniss barbie.

Disney Showcase Collection - Tonner Doll Company

Collectible Fashion Dolls, dolls and outfits by Tonner Doll and Wilde Imagination.