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Out in the Open - Boats heading out to the open waters in Backwaters, India.

vertical image of cloudscape. - Vertical shot of white clouds against blue sky.

video of a spirt bear eating food - Video of a white bear eating food in between of wooden logs.

animal skull over white - Close-up shot of animal skull displayed on white background

assorted healthy fruits - Assorted healthy fruits with slice bread and strawberries on a plate.

view of a shed with trees in background in bagaboo provincial park - High angle view of a shed with large group of trees in background of Bagaboo Lodge Helicopter landing pad.

close-up view of rocks with lighthouse in background. - Close-up view of rocks with lighthouse and sky in background.

cliff against clear sky. - Scenic shot of cliff against clear sky.

black and white image of mountain range and water stream. - Lake Mead Nevada

flowers and leaves. - Close-up image of flowers and leaves.

low angle view of cliff. - Low angle view of cliff against clear sky.

waterfall. - View of a waterfall through rocks.

image of autumn leaves. - Image of autumn leaves on pedestrian walkway.

image of a commercial airplane. - Image of a commercial airplane against cloudscape.

stormy clouds. - Image of a stormy clouds.

side view of a swimming penguin - A Penguin's body is designed for agility under water.

cub pile - A pile of bear cubs in the fields of Denali National Park

sniffing bear - A bear pauses to sniff the air as it walks through Denali National Park

mother bear and cubs - A mother brown bear with her cubs in Denali National Park

lighthouse poking out - A lighthouse pokes out of a hill by the beach in Martha's Vineyard.

sunrays on the water - Sunrays breach the clouds into the water.

dead tree field - A dead tree stands alone in a black and white photo.

cloudy weather - Clouds blocking out the sun over water.

Pink Tropical Plant - A pink tropical plant in the sunlight in Palm Beach, Florida.

Curved Chilli Pepper - A curved red hot chilli pepper on a white background