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And then I told him, 'laundry is a hard limit'. Lol...I serious laughed out loud when I read this!! So true for me!

Thank you Mr. Grey, now I'll never look at a piano the same way ever again....or an elevator, a boat, a car, or even a haircut........

Top 10 Funniest eCards inspired by the #FiftyShades phenomenon -

The moment your therapist tells you that in fact Christian Grey is not a real person.

From Dora to 50 Shades…

Damn you 50 Shades, I won't be able to have any salty products for a week because of this damn hole in my lip!

Forget everything I told you about waiting for a knight in shining armor: you must save yourself for a billionaire in a grey silk tie.

Find 50 Shades calming? Kinky. Please check out Katrina Lumsden's review of the book on Goodreads (just Google). Well worth it for all Mr. Grey fans.

May Christian Grey always be in your to the reading light, flogger and Blackberry.