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These picture books about art are a great way to expose kids to famous works of art , the lives of artists and even to a little geography all without having to leave your house (or classroom!). From children ages 4 to 12+, there's a book for everyone in this selection!

Art Rules by teachingpalette - clever way to incorporate ideals into the art classroom

Art in the "Ketchup" need to make this!

This is cool in an art room. You could do it with book covers in an English class...

Good idea to make kids take their time to do their best.

Help your students understand what careful artwork looks like with this craftsmanship rubric from an art teacher

The organization in my art classroom! I love it!

While reviewing warm and cool colors with my 5th graders, a girl rose her hand. Upon being called on she asked "If I take a blue crayon and light it on fire, melting it-would it be a warm color?"

From my own classroom: When you leave (art classroom). A reminder of what to do...

Now, where's my magic wand??? Oh, yes, it's called my brain - sending magic dust out into the universe for a phenomenal Monday!