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Sanders Candy Made in Michigan. The company was purchased in 2002 by the Morley Candy Company, another Michigan-based confectionery firm. They had the best Hot Fudge Sauce. I remember visiting the Saunders store when my girls were young and ordering their Hot Fudge Cream good!

Vintage Vernor's plant & sign on Woodward Avenue, Detroit. 'Deliciously Different!'

Wonder Bread


now I remember these bags, in particular

Detroit, MI

House of Flavors, Ludington, Michigan. The kids' favorite flavor is Superman! Picture is from

Exterior of the Redeemer Presbyterian Church , Detroit, MI, 1926, George D. Mason & Co.

Fox Theatre (Detroit, Michigan)

maple syrup locally made in Michigan found at the Royal Oak Farmers Market

Sander's Bakery and Ice Cream You've haven't lived until you have eaten a Sander's hot fudge cream puff sundae. Yummy!

Faygo Pop Co. Detroit ~ MI.


Kowalski Sausage / Hamtramck, Michigan

@Cat Waits Marks hahah this is totally mom's diet. who would have guessed shes from michigan

Fox Theatre, Detroit, MI

The old Hudsons Building, once the largest department store in the world.  1983. Another casualty lost to black crime in Detroit.

Vernor's Ginger Ale: Before the Civil War began, James Vernor, a Detroit pharmacist, concocted a drink made from19 different ingredients. For years, the only place one could buy Vernors was from the fountain in James Vernor's pharmacy at 233 Woodward Ave. in downtown Detroit. However, demand for the drink continued to grow and soda fountains throughout the city began to sell cold, carbonated Vernors.

Michigan Central Station, old soda fountain bar - Old photos — Historic Detroit