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    It’s desperately sad, and this character who deserves so much, ends up with nothing again. - David Tennant.

    John Smith- this episode broke my heart... david's acting is phenomenal

    Oh my's David Tennant's face.

    Favorite quote from David's time as the doctor

    Oh David Tennant

    I believe this is sadder than her dying because now she's going back to her old life, she was the most important person in the universe and now she'll just keep believing she's a unimportant temp. And she'll never remember him, her best friend. His best friend.<<< Pinning due to the comment. So sad, but so true.

    :'( The sad part is, it was probably David saying those lines as David, not as the Doctor.

    Nothing describes the feeling at the end of a season quite as perfectly as a sad David Tennant in the rain.

    This is why we love David Tennant!!!!

    So sad... I was so sad....

    This is why we love David Tennant as The Doctor

    Endings :(

    I'm still crying!!

    I love Wilf. Some of the most beautiful moments 10 had were with him.

    ♥ Rose and the tenth Doctor. David Tennant and Billie Piper.

    Oh, how I love David Tennant.

    So sad..

    Doctor Who and David Tennant

    ""Who's Your Doctor?"" Art Print

    Best gif ever! Matt Smith dancing. Hahahaha I like how David Tennant is freaking out in the background. XD