Operation Love Reunited offers free photo sessions and homecoming shots for #MilFams with a deployed service member.

We love our military spouses

Military spouse

Sure, military spouse friendships may require more work and yes, it is hard when we move around a lot, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be friends with us! Here are two reasons I believe you should get to know and befriend a military spouse no matter how short their time at their duty station may be.

50 Tips and Ideas for Meals for ONE. - Perfect for military spouses whose spouse is deployed, for lunch ideas for yourself, and more!

An appreciation for the military spouse

101+ Awesome Ideas for Military Welcome Home Signs, Love the ones from Frozen! Military Spouse, Deployment, Homecoming

Service Members, Families, Get Free Pass to National Parks

Support Military Spouses. True story

written by a friend I went to High School with. Military spouses from a slightly different perspective- great read!

FREE HORSEBACK RIDING - Operation Free Ride is a program that offers weekly, hosted or sponsored horseback riding sessions that are free for every member of their family! This program serves military families with a deployed family member, as well as families who have a family member with a disability or serious illness. www.operationwearehere.com

9 Lies They Tell Military Spouses (and what they really mean) | LOL, So TRUE!

Journey Through Deployment: Stepping Forward with Confidence During Military Separations is filled with: Tips for preparing yourself and your family for deployment. Hope and encouragement to get you through deployment. A section for civilians to learn what military life is like. Tips for preparing yourself and your family for in-home reintegration. Stories, lessons, and journeys of other military spouses just like you!

"Deployment Survivor: Confessions of a Military Spouse"

These nine reasons are some of the most important reasons why you should learn how to communicate as a married couple. In fact, learning how to communicate with your spouse and family should be a goal you pursue every single day. Start pursuing this goal TODAY.

#64543 thing to NOT say to a military spouse at the end of a deployment - 'Oh, that went by so fast!' Just, no.

Blue Star Mentoring Partnership - connecting talented, daughters, spouses, caregivers and survivors of military service members and veterans as well as female service members and veterans with members of the Government’s most powerful women leaders. #milfam #milspouse #vet

40 Programs and Services You Didn't Know the Military Offered, definitely need to keep this in mind for military life

Free lawncare during deployment


A new, interactive, online tool that supports service members and their families