Bottle Cap Tray

A wonderful + easy DIY idea for wedding centerpieces: simple painted bottles from Life in Color.

DIY Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

diy bottles

thumbtacks (or magnets) made from bottle caps inset w/ photos : see other bottle cap pin....great idea love this..

Wine bottle

... a bit of garden whimsy ... made of bottle caps between the trees in the back....maybe in the school courtyard?

DIY//bleach lace pattern shirt by rebeccacaridad, via Flickr~~~lace + spray bleach bottle + colored fabric = bleached lace design

sweater-like wrap for wine bottles

painted bottles- I love

How to Make Beer Bottle Cap Magnets

Why not start a collection of these to go with mikes beer glasses in his man cave!

ACRYLIC WATER: "Next, I used what is called acrylic water to pour over the caps. Now this 2 part epoxy is sold at HL and Michael's, but I found it the cheapest at Walmart, in their Floral Dept. I followed the directions, mixing the compounds and poured it on. It's self-leveling, which is great! The tough part was waiting the 48 hours..."

Need one of these!

bottlecap art

bottle caps

Bottle cap table

Bottle cap table instructions

WATCH: She Presses a Piece of a Water Bottle to an Iron and Makes Something Beautiful

Maybe this is an idea for what to do with all those bottle caps I have...

bottle cap necklace - Painted Bottle Caps could make this necklace pretty neat. I am sure one of my daughters will try this.