Colouring Pencils Tin Vintage Lakeland colour by BaraWenVintage, £6.00

Vintage wooden Box Display Tray Old Pencil box by BaraWenVintage, £6.00

spinning top

pencil box -remember these??

remember when every classroom had a pencil sharpener like this one?


Love Beads - sadly I wore them with pride..

Vintage English Colouring Pencils Tin Lakeland by Inklinks on Etsy, £20.00

1960s Girls Dress Vintage Sewing Pattern by MissBettysAttic, $6.00

TV Rabbit Ears

Vintage Drinking glasses set of 6 Retro musical by BaraWenVintage, £15.00

Vintage Johnson & Johnson Baby Talcum Powder

Used to buy one or two pencils a week with my pocket money

Ditch plain pens and markers for these double-duty writing utensils. Each #pencil offers two bright hues to spruce up your #stationery and help you color-code your to-do list.

Pencils :)

Fridge Magnets in a Tin Set of Seven in Red Pink by KitzieG, $12.50

Teacher Gift Magnets set in a tin numbers letters by CariadClay, £7.50

Woodland Magnets in a Tin - Set of Seven in Greens and Browns. Floral Botanical Papercut Designs. From KitzieG at Etsy $12.50

Vintage TIN Lakeland Colour Pencil | eBay

PrismaColor pencils... I have a love/hate relationship with these. They are so smooth and bright, but the leads are so soft they break all the time!