The Levadas, Madeira

Levada Walkings at Madeira Island Laurel

Tunnel of trees, Levada walk to 25 Fontes in Madeira Island, Portugal

Waterfall Highway, Madeira, Portugal

Ancient Castle Ruins, Scotland

Ancient Canal, Madeira, Portugal This is what we call a Levada

Beautiful Madeira

The old area, Funchal, Madeira Island - Portugal

Serra da Estrela Mountain, Portugal

Beach Blanket Bingo! ... Aprés Grande 12, by Christian Chaize from his beach series via @Katie Hrubec Couric

I miss Cambodia

Sao Miguel Island, the Azores, Portugal. : #Travel #beach #wanderlust #tour #trip #vacation #holiday #adventure #place #destinations

walkway over water

Madeira, Portugal

seriously, crazily amazing, easter islands

Procida Island, Italy

"Last-Light".. Reine, Norway (by Christian Bothner on 500px)