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I haven't had a diet drink for probably 20 years and never will again!

Monsanto is the devil!!!! I pinned this as a statement. The link here goes to a organic company that I don't know anything about.

Why It’s Time To Throw Out Your Microwave....We have not used a microwave for a few years now because of these 5 Reason!

Diet Soda can't be good for you. There have been studies which show how addictive how much harder they are to quit drinking diet soda is compared to regular soda.

Olive Oil Scam REVEALED (And How To Spot The Real Stuff

Which brands of olive oil to avoid and those that meet extra-virgin standards.

Are Natural Flavors Really Natural? - Oh Lardy! :: Want all the Oh Lardy awesomeness delivered right to your inbox? Grab our newsletter here:

Aspartame: The lie approved by the FDA. Found in over 6,000 foods and beverages sold worldwide, with side effects ranging from birth defects to blindness, and one of the most effective ant poisons there is.