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    • Chris Klein

      Social Media Yearbook #infographic #socialmedia #data via DirectMarketingNews

    • DR4WARD Dr. William J. Ward

      Social Media High School Yearbook? Who Would Each Social Media App Be If They Were In High School? #infographic

    • Anthony Wilshere

      This infographic is a very creative one created by an online education faculty member for social media sciences which helps users get to know how would have social mediums be had they been enrolling in a school or a college, for more of such creative images on online education visit: http://www.westlanduniversity.com/uae/online-education.asp

    • Lau Loprol

      What if Social Media were a highschool? Check out this infographic on social networks and where they'd be in their yearbook!


      Social Media CLas

    • BP Sqn.

      The Social Class Of 2011 - This neat infographic by Flowtown is designed around the theme of a high school grad class highlighting the social platforms. All the major social networking players have been put together "yearbook-style" with ‘name’, ‘nickname’, ‘clubs’, ‘fav quote’, just as in a real yearbook.

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    via @Rami Kantari: Maslow's Hieracrchy of Needs and the Social Media that Fulfill Them

    Automate your social media marketing and improve your sales see bestsocialbots.com/

    Click the infographic to enlarge! ------ How are people using social media to interact with brands, and how are companies using the power of social media to reach more customers? Who is most receptive to brands on Twitter? How about on Facebook? It’s time to shed some light on branding and social media.

    Social Media History #infography for me still unbelievable that all social media phenomenom has less that 10 years !! potentials still being enormous due to the fact that mobile 3G penetration in Asia and Latam is less than 13%

    Amidst the Facebook-centric society in which we now seem to live, it’s important to remember that groups of people around the world use social networks differently. This infographic takes a look at the social media breakdown in 10 countries — how they’re engaging with social networks, blogs and Internet culture.

    Social Media Marketing by the Numbers + 6 Social Media Campaigns & Their Metrics von #Mashable #infografik - auch eine Kampagne aus Deutschland ist dabei: "nie wieder Bohren" (Befestigungssystem)

    Social Media Marketing – 10 Inspiring Infographics - Expand Your Brand Marketing Branding Consultant Company Strategy Business Identity Management Consulting Value Creation Design Online Internet Video Productions Social Marketing Agency Social Media Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Connections Advertising Strategic Planning Photography

    Social Media Yearbook Infographic - What if Social Media were a High School?

    If social networking were around in the 50's, these would be the ads!

    Who's-Who-Of-Social-Media-infographic Find always more on infographicsmania...