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French Toast

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  • Valerie Cates

    I get the best emails. You can read below this exchange I had with a blog reader, reprinted with her kind permission, or I can give you the upshot, which is this: I have really been missing the boat for years. * * * Hi Dan, I'm so happy to discover this blog. I used to live in a co-op that had a bizarre number of waffle irons in the kitchen and I had a lot of fun coming up with things to waffle. My personal favorite is the classic french toast waffles (I use the "Joy of Cooking" recipe) — it's best with cinnamon raisin bread (challah if you have it). - J * * * Hey - Wait... I hate to sound ignorant, but are you telling me that "The Joy of Cooking," has a french toast waffle recipe? Or do you mean a french toast recipe that you waffled? I hope it's the latter, otherwise I'm feeling like I really missed the boat for years. In any event, waffled french toast was about 75% of the inspiration for this blog. I came across it this past summer on some blog or another. [To give credit where credit is due, it was here.] Thanks for the note. -dan * * * I'm sorry you've been missing out. "Joy" (the old one at that) has a french toast waffle recipe — it's simple and perfect.  -J * * * It's worth noting that her original email to me did not include an Amazon referral link to the Joy of Cooking. Neither did my response to her. I added both in hopes of lining my pockets — well, in hopes of being able to afford pockets. The recipe is below. It really is simple. And it really is perfect. I also tested it with a little added baking powder, but I didn't detect any difference. I've tried it with sandwich bread and with challah. Both work well. You don't want the slices too thick.  The original recipe does not call for vanilla extract, but I add vanilla extract, which you can make yourself with the vanilla beans you buy in bulk. What? You're buying vanilla beans one or two at a time? That used to be me. Then someone told me you could buy them online in big quantities for much less. (Yes, on Amazon. But also apparently on eBay. I did not try that.) Buying vanilla beans in bulk changed my life. Well, certainly my consumption of vanilla. Oh, before I forget. Here's the recipe for waffled french toast. Waffled french toast Serves 3 Ingredients: * 3 large eggs * 1/2 cup milk [120 ml] * 2 tablespoons butter, melted [30 grams] * 1 teaspoon vanilla extract [5 ml] * Dash of salt * 6 slices of bread Directions: 1. In a shallow container such as a pie plate, whisk together all ingredients except bread. 2. Soak a slice of bread in the mixture, flipping the slice to make sure the bread thoroughly absorbs the liquid.  3. Waffle until golden brown. This should take about five minutes, though waffling time will vary depending on your waffle iron and heat setting. I ate mine with a pat of butter and maple syrup. This recipe should make it onto a lot of weekend breakfast tables. Assuming you can wait that long.

  • Caity Soriano

    Non-Waffle Waffle Maker Recipe #7 - French Toast lol

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French Toast Waffles _ Serve and enjoy with fresh fruit, powdered sugar or maple syrup.

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homemade animal crackers. Every few years I go on an animal cracker binge and buy one of those big pink bags full of them and eat them like crazy for about a week or so and then I get sick of them and can't eat them again for years.

Coconut French Toast Mix 1 egg ¾ c Coconut milk 1 T sugar ½ t vanilla 6 slices baguette Sweet shredded coconut 1 t butter Maple syrup, icing sugar, preserves for topping Strawberry for garnish

Baked French Toast from Annie's Eats. She says it takes only 10 min of prep work the night before and no extra effort in the morning to have this special breakfast with your family. What a great way to start off a weekend!

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