Write love letters to him in a journal throughout the engagement and give it to him on wedding day.

Flower girl delivers a message to the groom from the bride when she comes down the aisle. LOVE that idea. Totally doing that.

Write letters to your parents and give to them before the wedding. Yes yes yes!! I must remember to do this! Someone remind me!

"The morning of my wedding i was handed this. It was a gift from my (at the time fiancé). 4 dirty old pennies on a keyring. Each one had a significant date. 1988 for the year he was born. 1990 for the year i was born. 2010 for the year we met and became a couple. 2012 for the year we got married. I got so teary eyed when i realized the significance of this. I tied it into my bouquet and walked down the aisle with them close to me.He put these together for me and they are now my lucky charms.

If you send a wedding invitation to the President, you will receive a congratulatory letter from him and the First Lady. To invite the President, mail your invitation at least six weeks in advance of your wedding day to: The Honorable (President's Name) and Mrs. (First Lady) The White House Greetings Office Room 39 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, DC 20500. ...Well..no matter who is in office I would like this for my scrapbook.

Turn engagement photos into a book and have guest sign instead of a boring guest book. love this idea. totally doing it.

Sweetest thing ever!!

Like this wording more than others I've seen

who comes up with these cute things???

Good for thank you cards after wedding and for transferring into an address book. Duh this is so good!!! Haha

Write on back of tie. Cute

mimosa bar: morning of wedding for bridesmaids. omg too cute

This website puts your words, favorite song lyrics, vows, etc. into a picture.

I don't usually post engagement/wedding stuff considering its a LONG ways away....but seriously. This needs to happen.

A seat for those who are missed.. Love this idea!

Infinity...would be a great engagement or wedding photo

This should be interesting lol

So cute: Letter after proposal- he had the brides father write her a letter that had his approval of their relationship and future life together. Sweetest thing EVER.

Wedding day handkerchief for mom. so cute.

design minded: Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Different question for each table at a wedding reception. Cute idea!