Write love letters to him in a journal throughout the engagement and give it to him on wedding day.

These are just good questions. If you can't answer most of these about your partner, you have no business getting married.

Flower girl delivers a message to the groom from the bride when she comes down the aisle. LOVE that idea. Totally doing that.

10 Things To Do The Night Before Your Wedding

Reasons I want to marry you - Write a new reason every day you are engaged and this would be a fantastic gift to give the groom on your wedding day!

Create a book of letters that your fiancé can read while getting ready the day of. | 31 Impossibly Romantic Wedding Ideas

Wedding list

Write letters to your parents and give to them before the wedding. Yes yes yes!! I must remember to do this! Someone remind me!

"The morning of my wedding i was handed this. It was a gift from my (at the time fiancé). 4 dirty old pennies on a keyring. Each one had a significant date. 1988 for the year he was born. 1990 for the year i was born. 2010 for the year we met and became a couple. 2012 for the year we got married. I got so teary eyed when i realized the significance of this. I tied it into my bouquet and walked down the aisle with them close to me.He put these together for me and they are now my lucky charms.

Kate Spade,"Mrs" necklace. Someone tell my future husband I want this for our wedding :)

who comes up with these cute things???

This website puts your words, favorite song lyrics, vows, ect into a picture

Groom writes on his brides shoes before she walks down the aisle.- this might just be the cutest thing ive ever seen!

Put a piece of your wedding gown into a necklace :amazing idea

Wedding Poem Money As A Gift 3 Different Poems by LolasLoveNotes, £7.00

i need this..

I would ask them in person, not in just a letter, but it would be kind of a cute way to break the ice if it were friends ;)

wedding guest libs

Praying together before the wedding. I am totally in love with this idea!! :) I don't plan on a first look, but it would be sweet to do a "first touch" type thing with groom blindfolded!

How about this for a #wedding invitation?