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Gents, get creative at home when taking self photos. Nothing gets a woman more fired up than receiving a racy picture of you when she's least expecting it. Let her know you're thinking of her with a thoughtful, creative self photo. Try the Cellfy Stic around the house. Hands free pictures with the device you already own. It's that easy.

Gerard Butler...oooo..ahhhh...badassery at it's finest..& yes i did just make up the word "badassery (bad-ass-ery)"'re welcome, you can use it.

Gerard Butler. Don't know how he ended up in the ANIMAL category but I have my suspicions. Ha ha!

You know how girls are in love with Johnny Depp no matter how old he gets? Well that's Gerard Butler for me..

Gerald Butler look at his eyes in this!...This man is

Of Course the ultimate man in the Kilt... Gerard Butler... sigh

Gerard Butler - P.S. I Love You (and that sexy accent, too!)