that's the butt i want! lol

a killer workout for lean thighs {thigh burning, fat blasting, bootcamp workout}

great workouts

Challenge 2 Week 4 Day 4. I found this workout bizarre ... I did it two times through 9:05, 9:20...1)Bunny Hop Push Up With Leg Raise 2) Reverse Pull Ups 3) Surfer Kick Outs with (2) Jacks-this counts as one rep 4) Sumo Ass Out 5) Plank Drunk Chicken 6) Sumo Squats 7) Jump Squat with (2) low squats-this counts as 1 rep

It's time. Here is what I'm doing now! What about you?

Day 3&4 (Work out B & 4 min)

Week 2: Day 4 - Hard & Tight Rep Challenge (Pyramid Workout: 10, 9, 8, etc. reps) #Feb30Challenge 1. Tuck Jump Reverse Lunge w/Sandbag 2. Tricep Push Up 3. Reverse Pull Up w/Equalizer 4. Exploding Upright Row w/Sandbag

Quick Abs Workout

good workout

30 day guns, buns, & ab challenge

Day 19 (Part 1 of 2) of the 30 Day Challenge! She Makes Me Go - HiitPlus #1. Complete as many Push-Ups + Knee Tucks in 4 minutes.

Go workout!

Leg workout


Carrie Underwood leg workout. Must try!!!

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AB workouts

love these mini workouts!

Ab workouts

Morning workout

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