pouring paint into the bottles, sitting them upside down to pour out the excess, and after drying, had beautiful bottles that looked like milk glass! I loved it! I decided to try the method on the pear canister. If it didn't work, I was only out a dollar. Before: I poured in white paint, let it drain, and dry, and it worked! The only thing I did different than the demo...I used acrylic Craft paint, not latex paint as they showed. It worked just fine! I was so happy with the result!

painted glass jars

How to spray paint glass to look like ceramic!

Paint first, then mosaic and grout over the top using clear glass.

White painted wine bottles with twine wrap and a charm.

How to Turn Your Phone Into a Projector

Modge Podge scrap book paper onto an old bottle (of any size/shape) & now you have a Beautiful Piece of Art.

Altered Bottle Vintage Bottle Shabby White Bottle

Spray Painted Vase

1. Spray paint with a color. Let dry. 2. Wrap in rubber bands. 3 Spray paint again with a second color. 4. Let dry and remove bands!

Hand Painted Wine Glasses... these are so pretty!

Brush on a coat of water-based or acrylic paint on a clean, dry vase. Let dry overnight. Use a foam craft brush to spread white glue onto vase. Vary thickness of glue & direction of your brush strokes. While the glue is still tacky, apply 2nd coat of paint. As the paint dries, you’ll see crackles begin to form. Im thinking old lamp bases.

Hand Painted Butterfly Wine Glasses by Wine Me by WineMe

mix elmers glue with food coloring and paint onto anything glass to create a seaglass effect when it dries, so doing this!

clear glass plate, mod podge, and a map

Christmas Crafts: Empty bottles are recycled into beautiful Christmas decorations with some Mod Podge, sheet music and a few extra little decorations.

painting on glass with mod podge, and rit dye to create a beautiful vase

Burlap in the frame and write on the glass with a dry erase marker so you can change what it says every day!

Turn ordinary bottles into Swing Tops...

How to Make an Ottoman--Vintage Milk Crate Turned into Unique Ottoman!

make your own sea glass. Glass in jar with sand and shake. I LOVE sea glass.