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Uses knit fabric. Could also sew easily. Sew loop, gather fabric around seam. Wrap small piece around with wrong sides out, sew seam, turn right side out. Still no irritating seams with slightly more work but more durability!

no-sew headbands made out of old t-shirts... genius! course you could sew it if you have access to a sewing machine (rs super saturday?)

No-sew braided headband - this would be great a great project for a girls spend the night party

headbands.. Angie Manzo can you make 3 of these for me? I want some for the hospital :)

winter water factory: No-Sew Headband DIY

I wish I had unlimited time to sew and try new projects!

The Circus is Coming to Town Fabric YoYo by LoveChelseaAnn on Etsy

headband -- this would brighten my day if I wore one of these, or even if I saw someone wear it.

Justine.... I know this is probably for little children but can we try this? DIY t-shirt headbands