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    I love this movie!!!

    Channing Tatum gets it.

    She's the Man


    Boyfriend: Let's go see GI Joe! Me: The one with The Rock and Channing Tatum? Boyfriend: Uh..yeah, I think. Me: ...Okay yeah, it looks like a pretty good movie..

    And thus my fandoms unite!

    best line in the movie!

    i cannot stop laughing

    The best!

    So me.

    The funniest movie I have seen recently is 21 Jump Street. I will pretty much watch anything Channing Tatum is in, for obvious reasons. Besides just looking hot, he is actually hilarious in this movie and proves that he is also an excellent comedic actor. I assume this movie is poking fun at the flaws in law enforcement, considering Channing Tatum's character doesn't even know the Miranda Rights until the end of the movie.

    Gotta love White Chicks!

    Contraction simulator. YES!!! All men must try it!!!


    I'm dying. The look on both their faces...

    This is me EVERY TIME

    Ohh wrong movie

    one of my favorite lines ever. Men in black. Then I saw little Tiffany and I'm thinking you know white girl in the middle of the ghetto with monsters this time of night with a quantum physics book. She about to start something zed.

    Love this movie!

    21 Jumpstreet