I love this movie!!!

Channing Tatum gets it.

one of my favorite lines ever. Men in black. Then I saw little Tiffany and I'm thinking you know white girl in the middle of the ghetto with monsters this time of night with a quantum physics book. She about to start something zed.

THAT is damn sweet.



She's the Man

Is it bad that I seriously laughed about this?

i cannot stop laughing

The best!

Boyfriend: Let's go see GI Joe! Me: The one with The Rock and Channing Tatum? Boyfriend: Uh..yeah, I think. Me: ...Okay yeah, it looks like a pretty good movie..

21 Jump Street- One of my favorite movies of ALL TIME :D

This is me EVERY TIME

Love this movie!

Big Bang <3

Gotta love White Chicks!