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Oxford Entomology Natural History in Oxford Pitt Rivers. #Collection #Collecting #Collections #Collect

Lamia legend has it that a consort of the goddess Matella created butterlies of all shapes and colors to win her affection. To this day, they are her favorite creatures. Oxford Entomology, Natural History in Oxford Pitt Rivers.

Fairy parking lot Oxford Entomology Natural History in Oxford Pitt Rivers.

Oxford Entomology~Natural History in Oxford Pitt Rivers. Image c. Arddu (Flickr)

Oxford butterflies. Entomology: Natural History at Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

Oxford butterflies. Entomology/Natural History in Oxford Pitt Rivers

Entomology | Butterflies & Moths

Beautiful butterfly collection

Flutterbys Butterflies!


Small Green Awlet (Burara (formerly Bibasis) amara) Coeliadinae is a subfamily of the skipper butterfly family (Hesperiidae) and includes the awls and awlets.

It looks like a bumble bee butterfly!! Small Green Awlet (Burara (formerly Bibasis) amara)

Small Green Awlet (Burara (formerly Bibasis) amara) - not quite a butterfly , but sorta

"Oh hi!" Small Green Awlet (Burara (formerly Bibasis) amara)... butterfly or moth

Small Green Awlet (Burara (formerly Bibasis) amara) Butterfly Bee!!! ;-)

Furry butterfly! Small Green Awlet (Burara (formerly Bibasis) amara)

Beautiful butterfly

sinobug: “ Pale Green Awlet (Burara gomata, Hesperiidae), adult and caterpillar Pu’er, Yunnan, China See more Chinese butterflies, moths, skippers and caterpillars on my Flickr page HERE ”


Blue Pansy (Junonia orithya, Nymphalidae) occurring from Africa, through southern and south-eastern Asia, and in Australia. Feel free to like , repin or sharing my post. I appreciate it alot. Also follow me on twitter #love #nature #like #nice #Butterfly

Blue Pansy (Junonia orithya, Nymphalidae) occurring from Africa, through southern and south-eastern Asia, and in Australia. #awesome #butterfly #beautiful nature #colour #amazing

Blue Pansy (Junonia orithya, Nymphalidae) occurring from Africa, through southern and south-eastern Asia, and in Australia!

Beautiful Butterfly


Malachite butterfly nectaring on Buddleja [Butterfly bush] in South Deerfield, MA, USA

Malachite butterfly on Butterfly bush| Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Yellow Butterfly, Purple flowers... Grandma's favorite combo

Malachite Butterfly on butterfly bush; for my mom

Malachite Butterfly on Buddleia or Butterfly Bush

#Butterfly #mariposa #papillon #schmetterling

Malachite Butterfly on butterfly bushs

butterflies.quenalbertini: Butterfly

Beautiful Butterfly...


Beautiful butterfly on #Beautiful Flowers|

pink flower and blue butterfly. So beautiful, my mom likes butterflies.

Single butterfly photography pink flowers insects

#beautiful #butterfly #color #pink #pretty #girly

Beautiful... Butterfly with pink flowers <3

Pink butterfly. Moth. Flower.

pink butterfly

Pretty Butterfly



Timelaea albescens formosana #flutterby #butterfly #lepidoptera

Butterfly (Timelaea albescens formosana) by ToddinNantou

Timelaea albescens formosana | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Butterfly ❤️ Timelaea albescens formosana

Timelaea albescens formosana Butterfly

Butterfly with Halloween colors

What a Beautiful Butterfly. .


Chapman's Blue butterfly on some sort of yellow pea flower. Wings are a bit tattered.

Butterfly #awesome #butterfly #beautiful nature #colour #amazing

Chapmans Blue - Polyommatus thersites | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Chapmans Blue - Polyommatus thersites by Camerar, via Flickr

༺ ʚįɞ Beautiful ༻ :: Chapmans Blue - Polyommatus Thersites

Chapmans Blue butterfly - Polyommatus thersites

Chapmans Blue ~ Butterfly

Chapman's Blue

Blue butterfly


"Flutterby" by Oakjack on Flickr. (Yellow butterflies remind me of my lost love-ones... and forget-me-nots remind me of my Grandma....SM)

Emmy DE * Beautiful Butterfly Picture by Jack FitzSimmons

Beautiful Butterflies | Butterflies, Swallow and Yellow

Monarch butterfly - they remind me of my Mother

Yellow butterfly and blue flowers...

~~Tiger Swallowtail Flutterby~~

Beautiful butterfly



Darrell Godliman I want a butterfly collection like this.

university museum insects - darrell godliman [flickr]

Butterfly specimen display | Oxford University

Beautiful Butterflies! ~Darrell Godliman

Darrell Godliman Butterfly Wall Art

Butterflies Insects Collection

BUTTERFLIES~Darrell Godliman

butterfly decor...genious!

UK - Oxford - University Museum Insects


Butterfly #awesome #butterfly #beautiful nature #colour #amazing

butterflies.quenalbertini: Butterfly

Awww... Butterfly Macro...

#Butterfly #Borboleta

Explore Flavio Ciarafoni's photos on Flickr. Flavio Ciarafoni has uploaded 247 photos to Flickr.


Silver Black Butterfly #awesome #butterfly #beautiful nature #colour #amazing

Silver & Black Butterfly #animals ❤❤

Beautiful Butterfly +

Beautiful Silver & Black Butterfly

Silver & Black Butterfly #animals

Butterflies - Vlinders

Beautiful butterfly


Beautiful butterfly. We have these beauties here :) LILLIE !!!

red spotted purple........they luv cut up apples

Red-spotted Purple (Limenitis arthemis astyanax)

Beautiful! Butterfly's are fascinating!

Beautiful Butterfly ♥

butterfly #papillon



Welcome to The Card Concept.  This week we have a theme for you to try! You must use the theme and create your card in one of the styles of the designers.  The styles are explained HERE. Clean & Simple Tracey McNeely  When using Copic markers create a separate panel so the recipient will not see the marker bleed on the inside. Deanna Dean Select a simple image and a large sentiment and you have the makings of a perfect CAS card. Clean & Graphic Ardyth Percy-Robb Match the feeling and weight of the lines in your font and image for a unified, clean feeling. Geri Greening A layer of colored vellum can add softness to a clean & graphic card. Clean & Layering Kay Miller I just randomly cut some patterned papers on the diagonal and glued them down to create the background for this pretty butterfly. Kerin Sylvester I was inspired to use an assortment of butterflies to incorporate the theme, even a butterfly girl :) Shabby Chic Narelle Farrugia  I love the butterfly in the inspiration pic so I went about finding a similar one in my stamping supplies.  I think it's not a bad match (minus the blue tinge on it's wing!). Debbie Marcinkiewicz I found inspiration in the damask pattern on this pretty butterfly - I incorporated a black and vanilla color palette with a splash of pink and a pinch of elegant silver! Freestyle Collage Karen Davis  My card doesn't deviate much from the inspiration because I loved the image and colours as they are. Cindy Lovell  I was drawn to these beautiful colors of the inspiration photo,so i mainly focused on them.And the dots on the butterfly,inspired me to create my dotted background! Classy & Elegant Lee Ann Barrett I used lots of layers, texture and shine to achieve an elegant look. Cathy Weber An elegant embossing folder adds interest without taking away from the butterfly focal point. Our Rules Use the Challenge to create a card. Choose one of the design team "styles" to create your card. Click HERE for the different styles summary. Explain in your post which style you used. Link up your blog post here, not your whole blog. Comment on the card ahead of you and behind you in the linky. Everyone loves comments! This challenge will end on Monday, April 14 at Noon (PST). An InLinkz Link-up


Yellow Swallowtail (?) Butterfly on pretty purple flowers.

Proteja as borboletas.

Swallowtail butterfly with cosmos flowers

Beautiful Butterfly and Cosmos.....!!!!!!!

Beautiful Butterfly on a Cosmos Flower

How Beautiful!! Butterfly and Cosmos

Butterflies & Moths ~

butterfly kisses.



Monarch Butterfly See Over 2000 more animal pictures on my Facebook "Animals Are Awesome" page. animals wildlife pictures nature fish birds photography

The Monarch has a very special meaning. This also happens to be one beautiful Butterfly...

Butterfly close-up. Beautiful! #awesome #butterfly #beautiful nature #colour #amazing

Milkweed (shown in photo) is a necessary staple to begin a butterfly garden.

Gorgeous close-up #Butterfly | #Butterflies | #Moths

༺ ʚįɞ Beautiful ༻ :: Butterfly

Beautiful Butterfly :o]

Butterflies and insects

༺ Beautiful Butterfly ༻


Beautiful butterfly on top of a shrimp flower

Butterflies/ moths are amazing colours.😊

butterflies.quenalbertini: Butterfly

Butterfly on yellow flower

Butterfly #butterflies


BUTTERFLIES GO FREE, BOTANICAL GARDEN, MONTREAL (2011) / "Viver é a coisa mais rara do mundo. A maioria das pessoas apenas existe." (Oscar Wilde)



flowersgardenlove: BUTTERFLIES GO FREE, Flowers Garden Love

Montreal botanical gardens – butterflies go free!

❀ Spring-Flowers Butterfly by Bruno LaLiberté*

butterflies.quenalbertini: Brown butterfly

Botanical Garden - Montreal

❀ Spring-Flowers Butterfly


Heliconius Doris Butterfly Al igual que nosotros, la mayoría de los insectos prueban la comida con sus bocas. Sin embargo, las mariposas pueden saborearla con los pies. ¡Sólo necesitan aterrizar en la flor para conocer el plato del día!

Heliconius Doris Butterfly | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Heliconius Doris Butterfly -- by Stephen Just....

Heliconius Doris Butterfly. Beautiful wings

Heliconius Doris Butterfly by

Doris longwing butterfly

Beautiful Butterfly

From the Guild Niagara Butterfly Conservatory photo outing in Niagara Falls, Canada. I found this description below: The Doris Longwing or Doris Butterfly (Heliconius doris) is a butterfly of the big tropical Nymphalidae family. This butterfly has long, narrow black wings with vivid blue, red, green or yellow coloration at the base of the dorsal hindwing. Characteristics are the two white spots on the forewing. The wingspan is 55 to 80 mm. The Doris Longwing is found in the tropical rainforests from Southern Mexico to the Amazon Basin in Brazil and Bolivia between sea level and 1800 m. This species can live up to 9 months, an extremely long time. The most tropical butterflies normally live only a couple weeks


Just a butterfly, maybe a study in light, contrast and the power of design - maybe not.

Como que levada pela brisa, a borboleta vai de ramo em ramo. Matsuo Bashô

Swallowtail with a mean pink streak to blend in.

Only God could create this beauty, butterfly

Butterflies & Moths ~ by Middleton Evans

Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly

beautiful butterfly

Pretty Butterfly



Cairns Birdwing butterfly (Ornithoptera euphorion) is a species of birdwing butterfly endemic to northeastern Australia, and is Australia's largest endemic butterfly species. Other common names include Cooktown Birdwing and Northern Birdwing. The name Cairns in its common name is a reference to the Queensland, Australia city in the region where this butterfly is found. #flutterby #butterfly

The Cairns Birdwing (Ornithoptera euphorion) is a species of birdwing butterfly endemic to northeastern Australia

Cairns Birdwing Butterfly (Ornithoptera euphorion)

#Colorful #Butterfly #yellow

Birdwing Butterfly

amazing colors

colorful butterfly