Jeremy Hush "Crow Girl"

wolf and crow spirit... different native American face?

by SIT insp. raven tattoo

the Morrigan

Brom! Infinitely terrifying and yet so genius. Oh that detail... wonderful! 8/20/2012 ~Ann~

One Last Time - SHS

Jeremy Hush

A fantasy rendition of Kali

Raven, via Etsy.

I chose this picture for a pet I wish I had. It makes me sad how most people look at crows at dangerous and scary. Crows are very intelligent, and very loyal. They never forget a face or voice. I chose the picture because it kinda chimes into my love for space and the night, and the art feel to it.

within_us_skull_illustration_by_michelle_harveyInk Illustrations from Michelle Harvey: via @Skull_Society

memento mori. What an awesome tattoo this would make


Mystery by ~Andzia


karl martens

The Morrigan~ Celtic Goddess of War. As a Triple Goddess, The Morrigan's three aspects were Neaim, Macha, and Badb. The Morrigan was a shape-shifter, who would usually take on the form of a raven or a crow. Goddess of battle, strife & fertility.


Newfoundland 7 by Carrie Marill

Ravens by Craig Kosak