Jeremy Hush "Crow Girl"

by SIT insp. raven tattoo

wolf and crow spirit... different native American face?

Takato Yamamoto


♥ Hades and Persephone Love this artwork, need to give it a try.

Raven, via Etsy.

Erika Kuhn

Brom! Infinitely terrifying and yet so genius. Oh that detail... wonderful! 8/20/2012 ~Ann~

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Back of sketchbook. Sharpie, gel-pen and ballpoint pen.

Moth: A New Woodcut Print from Tugboat Printshop

Paula Bonet Illustration

Christopher Cyr

Takato Yamamoto, illustration, artwoek, drawing, rib cage, roses, layers, woman

Vector illustrations by a young designer Jeremy Young from New Zealand. Jeremy is a self-taught digital artist. He created the amazing face illustrations using PS in a colorful and minimalism style.


Feast for Crows by Bianca Ansems

By Ayaka Suda

I'm not quite sure what this is advertising, but I'm hooked. I love the giant octopus and how it doesn't realize that it's got an island on its head. The illustration is vivid and striking.