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Sharks are taking over

The USA kinda looks like a shark. Haha "or something" The USA kinda looks like a shark Haha "or something"

Jurassic Shark! What!!

Jurassic Shark: Well, I don't endorse the authenticity of this movie but it sounds like it's one hell of a concept for a film. The Jurassic Park franchise shoul

With Shark Week quickly approaching, I've been thinking of ways to up the ante for this year's viewing party. Shark-themed just-about-everything works for me, but I wanted to make a treat that would feel thematic without being so kitschy that it became unappealing. I settled on cupcakes, but with a twist. They're plain white cupcakes (I used a box mix) in swirl liners, with homemade vanilla buttercream that I dyed blue, dorsal fins made from gum paste, a "bloody" strawberry infused center…

Shark Bite Cupcakes - Cupcakes and Cashmere’s ‘Shark Bite Cupcakes’ were made in celebration of this year’s Shark Week. Light purple fins mark th.

this is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

A baby in a shark costume sitting on the beach. Oh this is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

shark table coffee

Not only is this the perfect living room accessory for putting your feet up while watching Shark Week, but both of those tooth-filled gaping jaws on this shark-themed coffee table look like they'd serve as perfect bottle openers.

Great White Sharks Jumping - Bing Images

Great White Sharks Jumping - Bing Images