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Daddy threw me so high I thought I was touching the sky, now Daddy and I kiss the sky... When we fall from the plane, he never could throw me high enough.

Style Me Pretty | Gallery | Picture | #568813

papallona de nit, 1913, by hermen anglada camarasa

miscelnea foto-grfica mexicana and moleskine.

Need to remember, Maybe I'll do this at the stop light near my house so I can see it everyday, ha!

So don't talk to me about how your boyfriend is cheating on you and is a jerk but you "looveee him sooo much!" and you can't live without him. I'll tell you that you're stupid and logically explain why. Same goes for people who complain that "nothing ever works out!" when all they do is cry about it not try to solve it. Get it together.

Mini Tacos ~ Step 1: Cook 1 lb ground beef & season w/ taco seasoning. Step 2: Use non-stick spray on muffin tin & place wonton wrappers in muffin tin. Step 3: Fill uncooked wontons with beef & top with shredded cheese Step 4: Bake @350 for 8 minutes. Eat!

Dorothy Norman XXXIII, by Alfred Stieglitz 1933 Dorothy Norman (28 March 1905 - 12 April 1997) was a female American photographer, writer, editor, arts patron and advocate for social change.

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