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  • Jessica Gage

    Orange kitty

  • oeyyoey

    sweet orange kitten <3

  • Kathryn Antenbring

    My neighbour and his ginger cat have been living here for… at least 5 years… Maybe 7? The ginger cat has never once approached me until today - and yes I have been a little hurt by the neglect. Extremely friendly and loving all of a sudden. Proceeded to steal the mouse corpse Sniffy had left by the front door.

  • Xana Marujo

    "Who would believe such pleasure from a wee ball of fur?" --Irish Proverb #cats #pets #animals #cute #photos

  • Gabriela Margall

    Ginger kitten adorableness. #cats #cute #kittens #animals

  • Brenda Sikorski

    I need an orange cat!!

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We have always had a ginger cat in the house, and we probably always will.

reminds me of my moms cats. Everytime we sit down at the dinner table to eat, that cats find an empty chair and sit just liek this with us lol

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