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Organize and store all those small shop tools and accessories that clutter your workbench in a chunk of foam insulation. It'll hold drill bits, router bits, screwdriver bits and a host of other little things and keep them close at hand.

To hold a lot of pliers, it's easiest to just hook them onto the edge of a piece of wood. A lot of pliers go in a small amount of space that way. The piece of wood in this holder is tapered towards the top edge, so that it doesn't force the handles too far apart. It's really only about half full with pliers so far.

bookbinding tool storage | jeff peachey

Scrap clay tool holders. I need to make me some of these, constantly losing stuff.

Feel linked to the artisan whose careful work lands a beautiful work of art in your hands. #Appreciation for handmade Leather Journals. Linda Davis "Wood Tools"

Tomahawks with Ryan Johnson by John C. Campbell Folk School, via Flickr

Sliding panels for tool or craft storage. I love this idea because I have limited wall space & this essentially triples your storage. Of course, I would dress it up a bit for inside the house.

goldsmiths workshop, via Flickr.

I love this wooden box that has been re-purposed as a perfect place to put the garden tools after a long day’s work.

French cleat hanging tool organizer.