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    Ripping Denim Strips: By tearing denim rather than cutting it, you create a fringe that's wonderful to work with. Use this technique for all the projects shown here. Place denim on a flat surface. Measure to desired width, cut a 1/2-inch slit in the cloth, and rip in one fast motion. Tear jeans vertically to avoid seams.

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    stylish denim crafts

  • Emily Suor

    See the "Laundry Care Chart" in our Laundry Organizing Tips gallery

  • Manjusha

    Give your old denim jeans a new life as throw pillows

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Anna has a skirt this will be cute on - though I don't think I'll put a heart right THERE on my 10yo.

These are "recycled jeans", but I bet I could make an AWESOME hanging toiletry bag like this. I want one that has more pockets and doesn't dump my stuff on the floor...

$2500 - Is she nuts? :-) Wellllll, she has only made one sale, and it wasn't for this item. It was for the messenger bag, which while still expensive, wasn't THAT expensive. I mean, if someone will pay it, whatever, i just don't understand why on earth anyone would pay that much money for any kind of bag from anybody, made out of anything. It just boggles my mind....

iPad Sleeve Case. Watch out! I'm draggin' out all the jeans that don't fit here! How easy is this to do!? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ☀CQ #sew #sewing

Aprons from jeans. Great sewing idea. this was sold on etsy no pattern. - It looks like she just cut open the leg of a pair of jeans, cut it into an apron shape, and edged it in bias tape. The pocket is great. Probably a back pocket removed and placed onto the apron. Fun! (I am soooo doing this!!!)

Jeans made into a stocking for Christmas, now that's Country cute.

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Denim Bear - Robby made one of these. he's actually really cute, though we never put eyes or a nose on him, we did suit him up with a collar... he sits on our fireplace now!!! xD

not a how to,, but think I can figure a way to duplicate this look

Denim (different shades) + measuring tape (fabric?) + grommets + (is that embroidery in red along the bottom center?) = gorgeous denim tote :)

Made from the partial hems and inseams of some eight pairs of jeans (at least I think). The handles are from a waistband. Sewn in a coil basket style.