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"Early retirement" ---- [*Gable - 3 year old Greyhound]~[Photograph by Piotr Organa - November 22 2010]'h4d'121112

Beautiful dog, beautifully shot. In black and white. Doesn't get better. Unless it was a horse. Or Ryan Gosling...

Greyhound. One of the most beautiful dogs on the planet, inside and out.

Dog Raincoat Slicker - Red Polka Dots on Turquoise this cute or WHAT?

And the dogs, too. Anyone who is friends with or has lived with a greyhound knows their wise, gentle souls.

Still deciding between a lap dog or a greyhound for my next dog (which probably won't be for another 7 or 8 years mind you). With a face like this, greyhound might just win out.

Hello. "A Little Confused" - Italian Greyhound Dog Print

Iggies are one of the best dogs ever. Mine is very timid, but extremely calm and well-mannered, would never hurt a soul...unless it's a squirrel.

This face says "I'm happy mom, thanks for getting me off that horrible track"

italian greyhound: my future running-mate and friend when I have my own home.

Greyhounds. They are only the most beautiful dogs ever.