11 Ways to Maximize Your Kitchen Storage! Good Ideas!

DIY wood Storage Bins | 18 DIY Kitchen Organizing And Storage Projects | MagazinaOnline.com

Jana Eubank's scraproom: excellent organization -the slide out shelves with the papers all organized in vertical cropper hoppers and bins

How to get organized in a small house

Must do this to my bathroom cabinets

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Hometalk | 11 Genius Organizing Hacks for the Most "Type A" Person in Your Life

DIY: How to Build Kitchen Sink Storage Trays - excellent instructions, plus lots of pics to show you how. No special tools required/beginner's project.

Life hacks are pretty trendy on social media, blogs, and other media channels right now. And for good reason! Who knew there were so many creative ways to save time and even money with a lot of the household items you already have in your homes! Follow along as eBay shares a few tried-and-true kitchen hacks that really work, will save you time, and will change your life! Well, maybe not, but they will surely make your life easier!

GREAT martha stewart tips for a beautiful, organized, fully functional kitchen!

Downsizing is the new big thing! Everyone is trying to live a larger life, in a much smaller space. While it may seem ideal to ditch your extra baggage and run, living in a small space can lead to big problems! In order to combat your loss of square feet, eBay shares fifteen insanely clever solutions that may make your small space seem a lot bigger!

kitchen cabinet organizing.

Some really cool ideas in here.. :)

150 ways to organize

50 Genius Storage Ideas (all very cheap and easy!) Great for organizing and small houses.

Under-Sink Organization Solutions

How's that for an under-sink storage solution? A custom fit assures you minimum wasted space and convenient access to all the items you store. We'll make yours sized to maximize the space under your sink... or in any existing cabinets in your home.

PVC pipe creating smart storage