I love my job...but some days...yep :-)

Older Siblings


Happens all the time :)


Dear Parents, I've got the ABC's and 1-2-3's, story time, recess and show and tell covered. *You* still get to teach your kid how to wipe his butt and nose.

Too funny!


When You miss a day of school


Same goes for, "You only work 6 hours a day and have summers off." Really? All those papers graded, lesson plans made, lessons created, classroom decorated, etc., while teaching classes all day? BAhahahaha! Here's to all the teachers that spend most of their time working before and after school, and often stay up all night trying to get caught up!


So true

Teachers be like...

Haha! So true.

According to this BMI chart... I am too short.

even ;)

All the time