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    A newborn baby has only three demands. They are warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence. Breastfeeding satisfies all three. ~Grantly Dick-Read...Breastfeeding support, information, and education

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    Why Your Newborn Should NOT be Sleeping Through the Night - I want to scream these reasons when a mom complains about her newborn's sleep, especially #3!

    Easily transition baby from co-sleeping to their own bed


    6 natural ways to boost milk production #breastfeeding

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    She lays out diet and exercise for nursing moms. I know you have yo be careful not to over do it or you can hurt your supply, but she helps with that! Exercise Routine for Breastfeeding Mothers - This is some really good stuff!

    » Why Bedsharing and Breastfeeding Go Together, and What Could Happen When You Ignore Biology - Attachment Matters

    Women emit anywhere between 425-700 calories per day into their breast milk, which is great for baby but also leaves you feeling depleted and constantly craving food. Plan ahead to have healthy snacks on hand. #GCBC #healthandnutrition

    Next baby!!!

    Avoiding Saggy Breast Syndrome After Nursing - The Healthy Home Economist~??

    to get your baby to sleep 8 hours through the night at 8 weeks and 12 hours at 12 weeks. Basically BabyWise but she breaks it down so you don't have to read the book. This stuff works!! Getting your baby to sleep is totally a science. :)

    Timeline of a Breastfed Baby. This should be included in every woman's "go home" packet.

    Boost your milk supply with these great lactation recipes! #bfing #breastfeeding #lactationrecipes

    Power foods for better breastfeeding to keep up your energy and your milk supply. I already eat half these foods on a daily basis, keeping up won't be as hard as I thought! :)

    Help Baby Sleep Through the Night

    How to increase your #breastmilk supply when #breastfeeding via

    Deep Latch: Latching On Tips for Breastfeeding I was in a lot of pain. Nipple pain, bleeding nipple, mastitis, clogged duct... And my son was only 2 weeks old. How was I going to do this for over a year? Found this through, a wonderful breastfeeding site. I just thought I knew what I was doing. On second try we had such a good deep latch that I was PAIN FREE breastfeeding for the first time ever! I had no idea all my problems could be solved by a better latch!!!