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My Child Doll

I love My Child Dolls, They were from "80s like Cabbage Patch but I think they are so superior to them.

I still have my My Child doll


Sea Wees! A bath doll from the early 80s. She came with a baby, a comb, and a lily pad sponge for floating. :) The ones that came out later also had pets.

OMG My Bible as a child =)

Love, love, love, My Child Dolls

My Child Dolls

My Child doll - 1985 Their faces and body were fuzzy

I still have mine!! Loveable Teddy Pin Vintage Avon Bear Child's Heart Sealed on Card V342

I LOVED my Sunshine family!!

80's jumper

Baby sister Kelly doll - I had this exact same set and loved it


Fashion plates...loved this!

This just captivated me as a child.

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Strawberry Shortcake blow kiss baby dolls- One of my earliest toys. You could squeeze her and she would "breathe" out a strawberry scent.

I LOVED this show!

I was such an 80's child.

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