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  • Melanie Jewell

    Cute idea 100th day

  • Cassie Cutrer Browning

    Just an idea, but by altering this, it may be used as a way to help the "early finishers" stay on a task. Kids try to complete as many tasks on the sheet in 100 seconds. For every, say, 5 tasks they complete, they receive an award. Tasks might be to write as many vocabulary words as they can think of from class lessons--spelled correctly (in 100 secs), to make a quick quiz using literary elements (in 100), to write a short thank you letter to a teacher, etc. Just ideas off the top of my head.

  • Beth Harris

    100th day math and more!!! Great worksheets and more on a 1st grade blog.

  • Sarah Peirce

    100th day math..other ADORABLE first grade ideas too!

  • Maci Shelton

    100th day math idea!!

  • Jennifer Chapman

    100s day activity. A previous pinned said this went over well with 5th graders

  • Leanne Vanderschaaf

    I like this "what I can do in 100 seconds" math activity sheet for the 100th day of school.

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