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how to make your own tree faces out of polymer clay

Outdoor Lantern

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Repurpose tin cans; Make these lovely outdoor luminaries from Grow Creative

Better Homes & Gardensfrom Better Homes & Gardens

Quick and Clever Ideas for Organizing Crafts Supplies

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Repurpose a pillbox

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Candle Chandelier

Outdoor Mason Jar and Wood Candle Chandelier by Reconsiderit, $40.00

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Silver Metal Clay Tutorial

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Lushome | Interior Design and Decorfrom Lushome | Interior Design and Decor

30 Great Painting Ideas Turning Dry Leaves into Unique Gifts and Home Decorations

Leaf Bug

Leaf Painting

Art Idea

A DIY fun activity for the fall with your little ones. Leaf bugs.

Etsyfrom Etsy

Large orange necklace charms pendant sculptural necklace triple pendant necklace electric orange wearable art jewelry jaime jo fisher

Necklace Charm

Polymer Clay Pendant

Sterling Silver

Glass Beads

Silver and polymer clay pendant

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Blue Flower

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Polymer clay Panda tutorial


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A really unique take on polymer clay jewelry.

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clay birds

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Polymer Clay Pendant

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Polymer Clay Pendants, from the Lagarta series, by Carina's Photos and Polymer Clay

Glass Thecolours

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Polymer clay and wire necklace

Polymer Clay Fimo

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Polymer Clay Pendant

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Embossed Polymer clay pendants!

For Kids

Paper Clay Recipe

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Homemade Clay Recipes (including: basic modeling clay, cinnamon apple clay, coffee clay, edible clay, glittery clay, no-bake clay, peanut butter clay, sand clay, sawdust clay, vanilla clay, & white bread clay)