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I made one of these with one side fleece and the other side a pretty cotton print. I absolutely love this scarf! I will be making many more of these! I like her technique, and the finished look of the scarf.

Sewing: infinity scarf by anna maria horner. Must try. figure.8.6 by annamariahorner, via Flickr

Glad to see tutorials for these tedious yet beautiful sewing techniques. Now if someone could just post a tutorial on pressing as you sew- we could slowly get rid of all those wrinkled sewing projects all over the internet :)

DIY Infinity Scarf Tutorial...make one in 20 minutes for only $5! Perfection!

C: DIY infinity or circle scarf tutorial (aka the snood)

DIY Infinity scarf (Although first I have to go to that sewing class I've been meaning to attend.)

DIY infinity scarf tutorial on ...make this cute scarf in 20 minutes for five bucks!

This is a DIY scarf that is pretty in all respects: it’s pretty easy to make and also very easy on the eyes. To make this, you will need a rectangular strip of lace and embroidery thread. To get the pretty ruffly effect, you simply gather sections of the lace using the embroidery thread.

DIY: patchwork infinity scarf

DIY Infinity Scarf; Pro: easy to follow directions, took about 5 mins to do, great for a beginner. Con: can't think of any. Tip: depending on your fabric, you may have to iron the connecting sections before you go on to step 5.