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"Mimosa's- Treat Yo Self! Fine Leather Goods- Treat Yo Self!" one of the best Parks and Recreation episodes! "Treat yo self

Especially for T + S (+ --of course-- E.) Take the 101 to get haaaarrr.

The Californians loveddd this sketch so much! i haven't even watched any of the new episodes of SNL. she was the reason i tuned in every week! SNL will never be the same without her!

Haha but the athletes are cute :) I've got quite the soft spot for the Winter Olympics... Maybe it's just because I'm kind of an Olympics nut in general. -E

A grand spectacle of sport…

The summer Olympics are a grand spectacle of sports. The Winter Olympics are 48 different kind ps of sliding

Drunk Uncle on SNL

Drunk Uncle on Christmas


Saturday Night Live: Stefon's Club Guide SNL - This was one of the funniest things I have seen on SNL in a long time!

When Miley Cyrus predicted her future. | 31 Times Irony Was Almost Too Ironic yup that pretty much sums it all up

31 Times Irony Was Almost Too Ironic