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pretty pink peddler, posies and a pup. love I want this bike! I love bikes and of course I love the dog. :)

French Bull Dog Puppy I would seriously kiss this thing on the lips no joke. Adorable!!!

Know what youre getting into before you adopt/buy a wrinkled, drooling, snoring, fart machine. :)

sooo. Fiance is watching Saints @ Seahawks... I tell him to look at the lower left hand corner of my screen... he says no... I said its better than football... he says No it's not... play on the field stops and he looks. "OMG ITS A BULL DOG" *grabs computer and stares at the screen* Hahahahaha. I TOLD him it was better than football.

Champion sleeper! #dogs #pets #Bulldogs

Baby bull dog :) Even though we say we will never get a dog ,we always drool over bull dogs!

Love this picture. I wish I could have this bull dog! #Dreaming

Baby bull dog, this makes me so happy!!! I squeeled out loud!!!!

Gente, este sapeca furou a fila da fofura milhares de vezes.

pumpkin bulldog. Tuna and I have a little project now